The world's first music video you can expense.
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2 Chainz Bust
How to expense receipts in the music video using the Expensify app.
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How to expense receipts in the music video using the Expensify app.
Wedding Ring With Two Diamonds
Expense this Ice Car in our Super Bowl commercial.
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Ice Car
Coming soon:
Rollin' with Expensify
Coming soon: Rollin' with Expensify
Portrait of 2 Chainz by SicKid
Gold Burger
Audi R8
Peach Emoji
Hair Diamonds
Gold Toilet
Teleportation Machine
Luxury Jet Ski
Diamond Football
Gold ATM
Ace Of Spades Champagne
Seafood Tower
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What is Expensify?

Expense reports suck. So Expensify made an app that takes the pain out of doing expenses. From receipt scanning to reimbursement, Expensify automates every step of the expense-management process. So you can get back to doing the thing you were born to do. Which we’re guessing was not filling out spreadsheets and collating receipts. Ugh!

You weren’t born to do expenses.

No one grew up dreaming of doing expenses. We dream of being engineers, doctors, bakers, actors, rappers or anything else we can imagine. That’s why with Expensify, you can just snap a photo of your receipt and get back to doing what you love.

Why make a never-been-done-before music video with 2 Chainz?

Most people don’t associate badass comedy rap videos with fintech companies. But we’re not like any other fintech company. We enable people to focus on what they were born to do. And for 2 Chainz, that’s being a badass rapper. We also decided to make the world’s first-ever expensable music video. It’s pretty much the most amazing product demo ever.

How does this work?

With Smartscan, you can do your expenses by simply snapping a photo of your receipt. The “Expensify Th!$” music video contains receipts that viewers can snap photos of, then turn into cash by using the Expensify app.

Other prizes you can expense outside of the music video Peach emoji, Bespoke ring, Custom necklace, Tooth sculpture, Gold skull, Gold mic, Custom BMX, Designer snake, Gold watch, Blingsaw, Dirt bike.

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